Right-Wing ‘Prophet’ Dissolves Ministry After Wrongly Predicting Victory for Donald Trump

Conservative pastor and self-identified “prophet” Jeremiah Johnson announced on Monday that he has dissolved Jeremiah Johnson Ministries because he incorrectly prophecized that former President Donald Trump would win a second term.

Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Following an abrupt two-week hiatus from his I Was Wrong YouTube series, Johnson apologized for his mistake in a post on Facebook “after much prayer and the clear direction of the Lord” and told his followers that the lesson he learned is one of embracing humility.

“I believe that it is a tremendous mistake to take the next four years to argue and debate and cause division and grow more prideful talking about how we think the election was taken from Donald Trump. I actually believe we need to take the next four years and humble ourselves,” he said in the last edition of I Was Wrong.

“We need to recognize that God is up to something far greater in the prophetic, charismatic movement that I believe is beyond what many even recognize. We need to stop, we need to take a breather and we need to come back to a place where we can begin to dialogue about these issues rather than be so triggered,” said Johnson.

“This is not a name or brand change but rather a complete shift of our ministry’s identity and focus,” Johnson wrote on Facebook, adding that “I am not discouraged nor am I drawing back from my calling. Quite the opposite. I feel God is launching me, my family, and our ministry team further into His purpose for us. In response to God’s gracious correction, refinement, and empowerment, I am choosing to refocus my gaze upon Jesus and the eternal realities of His Kingdom like never before.”

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