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Right-Wing Prophet Claims God Wants Donald Trump to Only Listen to Right-Wing Prophets

Right-Wing Prophet Claims God Wants Donald Trump to Only Listen to Right-Wing Prophets

Right-wing “prophet” and conspiracy theorist Robin Bullock’s circular arguments in defense of former President Donald Trump and his lies have gotten crazier in recent weeks, but his latest is simply dizzying in its self-serving ludicrousness.


On Monday, Bullock appeared on the Elijah Streams YouTube Channel and proclaimed that God told him to advise Trump to ignore his aides and instead listen to charlatans such as himself when it comes to the 2020 election. What makes this is particularly entertaining is that Bullock’s supposed revelations about Trump somehow returning to power have all been dead wrong.

“‘You must move quickly,’ says the Lord. ‘I heard those around you,’ and I heard this conversation, Steve. ‘I heard those around you that advised you saying, ‘do not listen to the prophets this time.” Thus said the Lord. ‘They have their own agenda. They are planning their own future and it does not include you,'” God said, according to Bullock.

“But I heard this. Listen to this prophet what I’m talking about this because I have a mantel from heaven to say these things. This is an anointing to speak into the political realm. I’m a prophet to the nations and a prophet to this nation and a prophet from Jerusalem to speak,” Bullock continued.

“And the Lord says this and I heard these things. I heard a conversation say, ‘don’t listen to the prophets this time. Wait. Do this, do that.’ I heard their conversation but the Lord says they have their own agenda in their minds and it don’t include President Trump. It don’t include him at all. They plan on running his time out,” Bullock added of Trump’s sycophants.

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