Right-Wing ‘Prophet’ Claims Donald Trump is Still the President ‘in the Heavens’

Break out your Ouija Boards, because the netherworld is still gung-ho for former President Donald Trump – at least, that is what self-proclaimed “prophet” Nathan French of Nathan French Ministries in Takoma, Washington revealed on the Elijah Streams YouTube Channel on Thursday.


As you may have predicted, host Steve Shultz was captivated by French’s claims, which are not backed up by any empirical, physical, or political evidence, given that Trump was walloped by President Joe Biden in the Electoral College in the 2020 election.

But this is typical of the wackadoo musings of the guests that Shultz interviews on the right-wing broadcast.

“I see the Lord touching him in, in in in powerful ways as he’s prepared to bring him back in, because in the heavens, in the spirit realm, he’s actually still considered the president, and I know some people don’t like that I’m saying that. But the truth is, he won the presidency, he won the election, they tried to steal it, and it it it didn’t work,” French said of Trump.

“Because now, everyone knows. The majority of the people who have done their research, done their homework, and who especially who are hearing God, they know that President Trump’s actually still considered in the realm of the spirit the president of the United States of America. And what God puts in, no man by the flesh can remove what’s born of the spirit. And so picking a fight with the reigning champion – Jesus doesn’t lose, the Father God doesn’t lose, Holy Spirit doesn’t know how to lose – why? Cause the Lord is the beginning and the end. He starts with the end in mind. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He knew the turbulence would come. He knew that we needed to restore integrity to the election process and he wants his place of dominion. That’s why the Dominion software has even been exposed as well,” French asserted.

“So we know that what the Lord is doing is he’s taking what the enemy meant for evil and he’s using it for the good so he can be glorified as the reigning champion. There’s nobody like King Jesus,” he concluded.

“That’s awesome. That’s awesome,” Shultz replied.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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