Right-Wing Propagandist Quits GOP in Spectacular On-Air Meltdown

Oh man, what a time to be alive. On Monday evening, Real America’s Voice propagandist Jenna Ellis – who was on former President Donald Trump’s legal team in his fool’s errand to undo the 2020 election – announced that she is leaving the Republican Party because it has not dumped enough resources into proving Trump’s big lie.


“What happened to the millions raised by the RNC in November and December of 2020 — the Trump team never saw a dime of that help,” Ellis complained, although it should be obvious as to why that would be the case – TRUMP LOST.

Regardless of that inconvenient truth, Ellis tore into GOP leadership and actually said in earnest that the GOP was too corrupt for her – because Trump is not getting enough money from it. Ellis also claimed that she, as a Republican, was part of a “majority,” however she did not say of what.

“All of them, including [Republican National Committee Chair] Ronna McDaniel, should resign now,” Ellis proclaimed. “Until they do, as of today, I am resigning from the party. I am changing my voter registration and I am no longer a Republican until the party decides that it wants to be conservative again. Even if I stand alone for the truth, I will stand for the truth. A compromised, corrupted majority is not a majority worth being a part of. If we genuinely want to create a more perfect union, we have to stand up for our principles against a corrupted machine of self-serving politicians in Washington.”

Watch below via Real America’s Voice:


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