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Right-Wing Propagandist Calls for Anthony Fauci to Be Executed Like Saddam Hussein

Right-Wing Propagandist Calls for Anthony Fauci to Be Executed Like Saddam Hussein

Right-wing propagandist Stew Peters said on Friday’s edition of The Stew Peters Show that Doctor Anthony Fauci – the director of the United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – should be hung like ex-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for alleged albeit unspecified crimes against humanity.


Like many on the right, Peters argued that Fauci is solely responsible for the more than 600,000 American deaths from COVID-19, which they also simultaneously still – to this day – claim is not dangerous. Setting aside the obvious cognitive dissonance, the suggestion that coronavirus casualties are Fauci’s fault is ludicrous.

“Dr. Fauci looks like the laces-out side of a football that I’d like to kick right through the uprights. That’s what he looks like to me. That guy – the fact that that guy is still walking around a free person is an absolute travesty. That is an atrocity. Those are crimes against humanity,” Peters said.

“What did we do to Saddam Hussein?” he continued. “What did we do to – I mean – these people swung from their neck in front of the world for killing far less people, and not only is he still killing people, but plans and telegraphs and tells the whole world how he’s planning to kill more.”

It was former President Donald Trump who refused to take the pandemic seriously despite having contracted the virus himself in October of last year. Further, to compare Fauci to Hussein – a brutal tyrant who once murdered his best friend and had the guy’s chopped-up corpse delivered to his wife – is not just an insult to our collective intelligence but also to those who needlessly lost their lives due to the apathetic incompetence of Trump and his Republican enablers, which, sadly, has only gotten worse.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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