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Right-Wing Pastor: Women Who Dress Provocatively Are Committing Sexual Assault Against Men

Right-Wing Pastor: Women Who Dress Provocatively Are Committing Sexual Assault Against Men

Carl Gallups is an extreme right-wing Christian pastor, a major conspiracy theorist, and no surprise here, a regular speaker at Donald Trump rallies. With a large following, he is also a dangerous man whose unique and incredibly incorrect views are causing a stir among women’s rights groups.

On his radio program this past Friday, Gallups interviewed Mike Shoesmith, who recently argued that women who dress provocatively around men are guilty of sexual assault.

Here are the actual words that came out of Shoesmith’s mouth:

If a woman wears sexually suggestive clothing around a man is that not also sexual assault? Men are visually stimulated and unwanted stimulation should meet the basic definition of assault. I am not condoning bad behavior by men but women need to understand that by walking around in their little sister’s skirt they are guilty of indecent visual assault on a man’s imagination which does cause mental anguish and torment especially on men who really are trying to live in harmony and respect toward women; something made more difficult when every ripple and curve are exposed to the men around you. Something to think about.

This is victim blaming at its worse or rather it would be if he didn’t make it worse by continuing his awkward assault against women while sheltering the action of guilty men.

“When a man sees a naked or partially dressed woman, a chemical reaction happens in his brain,” he continued.

“Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are released, giving him an involuntary surge of pleasure. Notice the word ‘involuntary’ … Men are in a state of constant sexual assault by women who either don’t understand the severity of what they are doing, because it’s cute and they like the attention, or worse, they do know the feelings it stirs and like the control they have over men.”

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Gallups immediately backed up this claim, making an incredible leap to the conclusion that if men were paraded around the office in a “sexually suggestive outfit,” they would immediately be accused of sexual harassment.

“We are just discussing what should be obvious,” Gallups said. “The science supports us in it.” (Disclaimer: The science absolutely does not support what they are directly claiming in any peer-reviewed capacity).

“Men are responsible for fighting off this chemical sexual assault in their brains,” Shoesmith added. “Men are responsible for fighting that off every day.”

Welcome to religion in American in the eyes of the extreme right.

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