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Right-Wing Pastor Warns Dems: End Impeachment Inquiry, Or Christians Will ‘Move The Hand Of God’ To ‘Clean House’

Right-Wing Pastor Warns Dems: End Impeachment Inquiry, Or Christians Will ‘Move The Hand Of God’ To ‘Clean House’

During a weekly tradition known as the Firehouse Prayer at the Omega Center International church in Tennessee, Pastor Perry Stone discussed the political situation in Washington, requesting his congregation pray against the impeachment inquiry being led by House Democrats investigating the alleged misdeeds by President Donald Trump.

Photo by Oliver Contreras – Pool/Getty Images

Stone suggested, among other things, that Trump is the victim of a conspiracy against him that is “actually funded by George Soros,” Right Wing Watch reported. (There is no proof that such a conspiracy exists.)

Stone also stated that if individuals who support the impeachment inquiry don’t back off, there could be grave consequences for them, from a higher power.

The pastor warned that messing with God’s “sovereign plan” — which, Stone implies is Trump’s presidency — can result in a “fight against people” from God himself.

“What the ungodly, unbiblical, Christ-haters in America do not understand is that the true body of Christ that prays in the Holy Ghost, that has the power of God…if we so choose and decide to set our heart and our mind to fasting and prayer, we can move the hand of God to do anything that he would desire to do,” Stone said.

Lest anyone be confused by what he meant, Stone added that “it may come” to be that those following God’s sovereign plan, as he put it, could ask the Lord “to clean house himself.”

If the pastor sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you may have seen him online recently. Stone became an internet celebrity last month due to a viral video of himself making the rounds on social media.

In the video, Stone is seen speaking in tongues, a practice that was common in Christian churches years ago but has since become less mainstream in most churches. However, for a religious experience that’s supposed to be about the power of the Holy Spirit taking control over one’s body, Stone still took the time to scroll through his phone, The Independent reported.

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