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Right-Wing Pastor Unleashes Bizarre Tirade Against the Freemasons

Right-Wing Pastor Unleashes Bizarre Tirade Against the Freemasons

Right-wing pastor and homophobic mega-bigot Greg Locke dedicated 10 minutes of his Wednesday sermon at Global Vision Bible Church to launch an erratic tantrum against the Freemasons, whom Locke proclaimed is a cult comprised of “witchcraft” and “Satanism.” What made Locke’s performance especially bizarre was that he appeared to be speaking about members of his congregation. Stranger still was the personal nature of Locke’s attacks on the ancient fraternal order, which is a favorite boogeyman among conspiracy theorists even though the organization generally leaves outsiders alone.

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“Lemme tell you something. You hear me and you hear me well. If you have any affiliation with a Masonic Lodge whatsoever, you better break that wicked, demonic nonsense out of your life. I don’t care if you stand. I don’t care if you clap. I don’t care if you throw maters and taters. I don’t need your stupid, secret handshake. I don’t need you putting your hand inside your coat when you pledge allegiance. I’ll call you out lickety-split. I’m telling you the Masonic Lodge is an Illuminati, godless, wicked organization that has nothing to do with Jesus whatsoever. I don’t care what your granddaddy told you. I don’t care – I’ll give you five seconds to leave,” Locke speedily shouted.

“You get mad? I will not apologi – I’m telling you this Satanism. It is Satanism. It’s right down the end of Tate Lane,” Locke continued, referring to a nearby Masonic Lodge. “I ain’t playing their stupid, good ole’ boy games. I ain’t getting involved in that witchcraft, in that nonsense. That thing has nothing to do with Jesus whatso – don’t you let anybody tell you, cause here’s what they’ll say, ‘well, there’s just certain things at the lodge, we can’t share our secrets.’ We ain’t got no secrets, praise God. And Ima tell you why I say that. Some of you need to go home, and I don’t care if your granddaddy’s great-granddaddy’s great-granddaddy’s great-great-great granddaddy was on the ark with Noah,” Locke continued.

“You need to get rid of that Masonic Bible that you got in your living room because that thing’s got demonic spirits attached to it, and you ought to get rid of it and burn it in the name of God. I don’t care if you clap or not,” Locke added, bowing in conclusion as though he was seeking the applause that he just instructed his audience to withhold.

Watch the excerpt below:

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