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Right-Wing Pastor Says Liberals Want to Kill Black People but Are Too Scared to Do It

Right-Wing Pastor Says Liberals Want to Kill Black People but Are Too Scared to Do It

Right-wing homophobic pastor E.W. Jackson said on Tuesday that liberals want murder Black conservatives but lack the cojones to actually pull it off.


That marks the second time this week that Jackson has made unfounded accusations of racism against the political left.

Jackson bellowed on Tuesday’s edition of his Wisdom Awakening show:

If you dare jump out of the box they built for you, they’re going to lash your back! I said it and I mean it! It’s just a different way of doing it, but it’s the same spirit of the Democrat Party that once had the Ku Klux Klan running around lynching Black people, beating Black people, terrorizing Black people because they dared to suggest that they were going to vote Republican. What’s the difference? The difference is not in substance, the difference is only in strategy.

By the way, I’m convinced of this. I’m convinced cause I’ve heard it from them, folks. I have to have security and I won’t get into it any further than that. But I’m convinced that they’d kill us if they could, just like they did in the Antebellum South and in the Ku Klux Klan era after Reconstruction.

Jackson shared what he believes goes through the minds of white progressives. Spoiler alert: it defies basic sanity:

‘He’s out of place, kill him, get rid of him. We don’t want his voice being heard. We don’t want him to stir up the others. Next thing you know they’ll all be thinking they can think independently. They can think for themselves, or they don’t need to be supporting people who tell them they’re doing them a favor by killing their babies. They’re gonna question us? They’re gonna question us after all we’ve done for them? I mean, we put them in the finest huts in the projects. Ya know, we’re supplying them with marijuana now, and we vote to increase their welfare checks, and they’re gonna contradict us and suggest that they’re not gonna vote for us?’

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Jackson insisted that “based on some of the communications I get, believe me, they’d gladly kill us. They can’t do that, frankly, and it’s not because they’re not evil enough to do it, it’s because they’re too cowardly to do it.”

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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