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Right-Wing Pastor Says God Sent COVID-19 Because He Wanted Attention

Right-Wing Pastor Says God Sent COVID-19 Because He Wanted Attention

Right-wing pastor Chuck Pierce of Global Spheres Inc. claimed last Thursday that the COVID-19 pandemic was actually God reaching out to him for attention.


Pierce shared his insight during a Facebook conversation with Cindy Jacobs, another self-identified “prophet” who like Pierece believes that a supreme being desperately needs to be friends with them.

“I can still go back to when Cindy and you were here at ‘Starting The Year Off Right’ in January of 2020, and Cindy gives me this word that I won’t be traveling,” Pierce said. “My whole life has been traveling – 500,000 miles a year – for, ever since I met y’all. And it’s been, I thought to myself, some way my spirit is resonating with this word. I said, ‘I have no idea how God will do this?'”

Jacobs beamed as Pierce continued lavishing praise onto her prophecy.

“How in the world will God do this? And I have watched him, starting in March, do that word. And here’s the real key to all of those listening. You have to submit to the word God gives you. You can’t keep saying, ‘well maybe this is just this, maybe this is just that.’ Once you submit fully to the word, the word will become flesh through you,” Pierce declared. “I believe it has been a year and a half of me being redone. The Spirit of God said it to me this way: ‘Have you ever thought that I stopped the whole world just for you to form a new relationship with me?’ It was really, it was something. And I really knew right then, this is about me and the Lord and what he is trying to do in me and how we’re forming a new relationship so we can accomplish what needs to be accomplished in the future.”

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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