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Right-Wing Pastor Says Ballots and Dead People Are ‘Crying Out’ Over Voter Fraud

Right-Wing Pastor Says Ballots and Dead People Are ‘Crying Out’ Over Voter Fraud

The 2020 election is over. President Donald Trump was defeated, and his own legal teams have conceded that his allegations of voter fraud hold no water. But this lack of evidence is not resonating with religious conservatives, who have glued themselves to Trump and are not having a fun time grappling with reality.

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On Sunday, Pastor George Pearsons of Eagle Mountain International Church put forth a new conspiracy theory about supposed fraud – and it is absolutely crazy.

Pearsons, whose father-in-law is Eagle Mountain founder Kenneth Copeland, said during his sermon that dead people and inanimate ballots are shedding tears over “corruption and this fraud,” even though neither exist.

“Behold, the ballots of the laborers who have voted in this election that have been kept back by fraud cry out. And the cries of them which have voted are entered into the Lord of the armies of the host of Heaven. So not only are the voters crying out, not only are we raising our voices over this corruption and this fraud, but the ballots are doing the same thing,” preached Pearsons.

“There are mail-in ballots. Some people in some places receive four or five of those, and they used four and five of those,” Pearsons continued, offering no tangible proof.”

Pearsons then claimed that unspecified voters sent in multiple ballots, which caused other ballots to cry.

“Let’s say that they got four in the mail and they sent the four in, there’s three of them that are crying out, ‘Wrong! This is wrong. This is not right. This is deception.’ It’s crying out,” shouted Pearsons. “There are others through software that votes have changed, you better believe those ballots are crying out, ‘This is a lie. This is not right. This is not right.’ All the way down the line, even to people who have died and gone to Heaven.”

Apparently, election canvassers hang out in graveyards to recruit dead people to vote – according to Pearsons.

“You know the image that you see of a guy with a clipboard in a cemetery writing down names – especially if those people were born again, they’re in Heaven right now and they’re crying out. They’re crying out against the injustice of this,” he said.

God is on their side, after all.

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“You cannot come against the Lord of the Sabbath, the Lord of angel armies. Angels have been dispatched; they are out there. That is why that voice is crying out. It is not just the people. It is the ballot itself,” Pearsons said.

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

Sixty-four days until the inauguration.

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