Right-Wing Pastor Rick Joyner Claims BLM Is KKK Of Our Time

A right-wing pastor has spoken out to condemn Black Lives Matter, and to say all Christians should do so. He says that it is an “avowed, admitted Marxist organization” that should be considered “the KKK of this time.”

blm is kkk of our time says pastor
[Screenshot via Rick Joyner/YouTube]

Right Wing Watchshared a clip of Pastor Rick Joyner calling all Christians to “take a stand” against the anti-racism activist movement, comparing them to what Southern Poverty Law Center terms “the oldest and most infamous of American hate groups.”

To say all lives matter gets you accused of being racist. That’s how sick and demented things have become. No, all lives do matter. I believe Black lives matter, even though I do not believe in the organization Black Lives Matter, that is an avowed admitted Marxist organization that is fomenting many of the, if not most or even all of the present rioting and destruction and all going on in our country right now. I think we as Christians need to take a stand against that organization. That’s the KKK of this time.

A notable difference between the KKK and BLM is that the Ku Klux Klan killed people, bombed churches, and otherwise carried out violent attacks in order to terrorize Black people and prevent them from seeking equal rights, while Black Lives Matter activists, protest and call for equal rights for all Americans.

It’s also relevant that the Ku Klux Klan still exists, and is still active. There are reports of recruitment fliers being distributed regularly — examples include multiple counties in Northern Arkansas, reported by the Times Record just last month; in Indiana in May, per the Journal-Courier; and in Maryland, also in May, as published by the Carroll County Times.

With the openly racist organization still active, it might be most appropriate to consider the KKK to be the “KKK of our time.” As for Black Lives Matter, the pastor offered no evidence to support any similarities between the groups, either in ideology or methodology.

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