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Right-Wing Pastor Pauses Peaceful Golf Game to Throw a Tantrum Over Vaccines

Right-Wing Pastor Pauses Peaceful Golf Game to Throw a Tantrum Over Vaccines

Right-wing Pastor Greg Fairrington of Destiny Church in Rocklin, California, interrupted his golf game on a beautifully sunny day late last week to throw a tantrum about the COVID-19 vaccine mandates that his state’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has rolled out.


“So I’m playing golf on my day off, and then I get the word that Dictator Newsom is mandating vaccines, vaccines for K-12. First of all, follow the science. We don’t have any science. So why is he doing this? Because he’s a dictator,” Farrington declared while sitting in a golf cart in the middle of a fairway out on the links of an unidentified course.

This is false. Researchers have presented data to the United States Food and Drug Administration indicating that vaccines are safe and necessary for kids. Plus, Newsom’s mandate would only take effect upon full FDA approval.

“Second thing. You think the prize is California? The prize has never been California with Newsom. The prize is the White House. He’s bringing this to the nation, and for you who stayed at home and didn’t vote him out of office or you didn’t want to do that cause it ‘didn’t seem right,’ now you got this curse on the entire nation,” he said in reference to Newsom’s resounding victory in last month’s recall election.

“Guess what Destiny’s doing? We’re expanding our school. We already have a waiting list. We’re gonna grow it, and we’re gonna build more cause we’re gonna fight this,” Farrington added. “You might as well put your feet down on the ground and fight because this is coming to the entire nation. It’s not gonna be Governor Newsom, it’s gonna be President Newsom.”

While there is some buzz about a potential presidential candidacy for Newsom, he has given no official indication of what his plans are if and when he exhausts all or some of his three available remaining terms as California’s 40th governor.

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