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Right-Wing Pastor Delivers Strange, Offensive Sermon About Homosexuality

Right-Wing Pastor Delivers Strange, Offensive Sermon About Homosexuality

Kent Christmas, the not-so-holly-jolly right-wing pastor and professional bigot who founded Regeneration Nashville megachurch in Tennessee with his wife, Candy Christmas, preached to his congregation last Saturday that homosexuality is rooted in a “demonic spirit that has come after our seed,” meaning children.


Not only is that insane, and gross; it also highlights the religious right’s bizarre obsession with all things gay.

“We have all of this going on for the last couple of – twenty, thirty years – and while we’re building the biggest churches, never have Christians’ children been more taken over by homosexuality than they are right now,” Christmas proclaimed as he flailed around on stage before declaring that half of his churchgoers probably have family members who are possessed by gay demons.

“If I asked each and every one of you to stand that has a son, daughter, or a niece or a nephew, or a brother or sister, that is gay, half of you would stand up in this building because it is a demonic spirit that’s come after our seed and the church that God has raised it up in this hour is going to have authority over that,” he said.

And Christmas definitely does not want anyone to bully people who are suspected of being, well, you know.

“Listen, we are not gonna tell ’em they’re going to Hell. We’re not gonna ’em they’re scum. We’re gonna tell ’em that they’re born of God, that God will set them free, change them by the power of the Holy Ghost,” Christmas continued. “Put ’em on our platforms to sing, Our God Is an Awesome God, by the power of the Lord.”

Those who doth protest too much…

Watch below:

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