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Right-Wing Pastor Claims That ‘President Donald Trump Gave His Life to the Lord Jesus Christ’

Right-Wing Pastor Claims That ‘President Donald Trump Gave His Life to the Lord Jesus Christ’

Failed 2020 congressional candidate and self-identified “apostle” Leon Benjamin proclaimed over the weekend that the world is supposed to be dominated by right-wing Christianity and that former President Donald Trump is a devout servant of Jesus Christ.

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Benjamin delivered his impassioned albeit utterly nutty remarks at Clay Clark’s annual Reawaken America tour at Influence Church in Anaheim, California to an audience of QAnon conspiracy theorists and individuals whose sole source of knowledge is their own easily falsifiable confirmation bias.

“The church was meant to rule and reign in the Earth. What happens when the church is not apostolically uniformed? We don’t have the true mission of what Jesus said in Matthew 28:19, which was, ‘Go ye out into all the world, go into government, go into education, go into economy, go into sports and entertainment, go into media, go into a religion and teach all nations and baptize them.’ That means we should be baptizing presidents!” Benjamin exclaimed.

His next statement was truly delusional.

“Look, y’all gonna love this. This is why President Donald Trump gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, cause he says, because when I first met him, he was like, ‘You people have a lot of power.’ But have you heard him lately? He prays in the name of Jesus,” Benjamin said.

He then said that he and his fellow conspiracy theorists “are the next president of the United States,” presumably meaning that their bizarre beliefs are embodied by Trump, whom they expect to return as commander in chief.

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“Our job in these tours is to light a fire back up under the church again, to get you out of the pew, get you out of the chair, and get you back into the world,” he declared. “It’s time to get up and get back into the world! We are the next president of the United States. We are the next – I ran for Congress in 2020, and they did steal my election. That’s why I’m running again in 2022, but I’m taking the power.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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