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Right-Wing Pastor Calls for POTUS to Be Court-Martialed, Which Is Impossible

Right-Wing Pastor Calls for POTUS to Be Court-Martialed, Which Is Impossible

Right-wing pastor Jack Hibbs did not do his homework before he called for President Joe Biden to be court-martialed over military losses in Afghanistan during his sermon on Sunday, because presidents of the United States are considered to be civilians and are therefore not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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“God’s wrath is upon America. It took us 20 years of blood, trillions of dollars in treasure; it took us 20 years to lose the war on terror. This week, the United States suffered its worst military defeat in its history. And on top of it, two of our own California Marines – one not far from here – by the actions of this administration,” Hibbs declared.

The two-decade, $2.6 trillion American-led occupation of Afghanistan became a failed quagmire long ago but was prolonged to enrich the defense contractors and private armies of the bloated military-industrial complex. Biden ended it based on the framework laid out by former President Donald Trump last year.

“Do not call for the recall – do not call for the impeachment of Joe Biden. That’s not appropriate. It’s inappropriate. The number one military officer in the United States of America is the commander in chief. Did you know that? The number one soldier, the number one airman, the number one presider over the U.S. military, the number one government-issued leader of the U.S. military is the president of the United States. When a commander conducts orders that are irresponsible and leads to death or jeopardizes national security, that military person faces court-martial. Joe Biden needs to be facing court-martial. He needs to be tried for his actions! People are dead, and he needs to pay for it. It is a crime, what he’s committing. Joe Biden has committed a crime, and in military law, he’s to be removed from office.”

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