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Right-Wing Pastor Asks God to Commit Mass Genocide for Donald Trump

Right-Wing Pastor Asks God to Commit Mass Genocide for Donald Trump

Right-wing preacher Kent Christmas of Regeneration Nashville proclaimed at a Let Freedom Ring rally on Independence Day that God is preparing to commit mass genocide against everyone in the United States who refuses to accept that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

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Trump lost the election by seven million votes.

“In 2020 God spoke to me. He said Donald Trump – in fact in 2015 he spoke to me and said Donald Trump would become president. Did not look possible. He became president. Most of us thought that he would become president again this time, and he was. He won it by about 80 million votes,” Christmas said at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee on July 4th.

The remainder of Christmas’s rant is transcribed below and the ugliness contained within it is simply astonishing:

But the issue is more than this. This is not about politics. If we reduce it to politics, then we are missing what God is wanting to do. This is about releasing the gospel of Jesus Christ with signs and wonders and miracles. If there ever was an hour that we need an apostolic release of the Holy Ghost and the spirit of Cancer is a plague in this nation. And as God begins to release the anointed, the spirit of the Lord, he is raising up men and women that have authority in the Holy Ghost. We’re not just your average believer who doesn’t know how to pray and how to touch the throne room of God. The Lord says, ‘I am raising up an army in this hour that cannot be defeated, that is shaking off the enemy, shaking off the snake, by the power of the Holy Ghost.’ The Lord said, ‘I am putting a shout back in the house of the Lord. Get ready,’ says God, ‘for there is an apostolic army of angels that’s being released in the atmosphere. ‘One of the things that we have been bereft of up in the kingdom of God is that we have set angels on the sidelines. And the Bible says this: that angels are ministering spirits for the kingdom of the Lord. When you go back and you read the scriptures, one of the things that’s going to happen before Jesus Christ comes back is the first thing that’s going to happen is the Bible said that God is going to release angels into the Earth and they are going to remove those that offend and commit iniquity in the body of Christ. And there is a death release from God that’s getting ready to hit the wicked. I’m not talking about spiritual death, I’m talking about natural death, that God is going to begin to kill wicked men and women in this nation that have stood and opposed the authority of the Holy Ghost.

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Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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