Right Wing Nut Rick Wiles Wants PA Residents to Chase Transgender Health Secretary Out of Town

Rick Wiles is sort of a pastor at non-denominational Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida. He also hosts a news program that supports Donald Trump and a variety of different conspiracy theories.

Rick WIles says thank God BLM will be hunted down
[Screenshot via Tru News]
Wiles constantly dabbles in anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and anti-Semitism. So it was no surprise to hear him target Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary during his Tuesday show. The senior pastor called on his listeners who live in Pennsylvania to chase Dr. Levine out of the state.

Days ago, Dr. Levine told Pennsylvanians, “Transmission of COVID-19 is reaching new heights that we have not yet encountered. It has to be our collective responsibility to protect our communities, our health care workers, and our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians from COVID-19.”

This, of course, isn’t anything unusual for any Health Secretary to say during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still Wiles went on the attack on Tuesday.

He ranted:

“That’s a man in a dress. You’re mentally ill, Dr. Levine. You’re mentally ill, and no normal person should listen to you. You need mental health counseling. You need deliverance. To the people of Pennsylvania,” he continued, “you are absolutely insane if you let that transvestite freak rule your life. … You’re going to that transvestite freak? Seriously? Chase that freak out of the state. Chase it out of the state. Rise up in Pennsylvania, and chase that freak out of the state! You don’t have to tolerate this stuff.”

Watch a clip of the show below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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