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Right-Wing Fake Prophet Peddles Election Lie: ‘The Winning Was for the ‘T’ Person’

Right-Wing Fake Prophet Peddles Election Lie: ‘The Winning Was for the ‘T’ Person’

Right-wing self-proclaimed prophet Kat Kerr said on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel last week that Americans should not pray for the success of Joe Biden’s presidency because ex-President Donald Trump is the rightful occupant of that office.


“As we supposed to pray for him to prosper as the leader of this free world?” Host Steve Shultz asked.

“Absolutely not,” Kerr replied.

She insisted that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump and that the United States government is illegitimate:

It says, ‘Pray for those who are in authority,’ people. Those are the ones who took the right way to have approval but We the People have this country. We the People didn’t vote that person in. We actually didn’t vote a lot of them in. There was more fraud in the whole election and not just for the presidency, and the real truth is we know who is the president, who won in 2020 – stop saying the prophets were wrong – the winning was for the ‘T’ person. Number 45 won. He won, won, won people in a landslide. It was stolen, and 80 million people know that it was stolen. They know it was stolen and they’re not tolerating the stuff that they’re saying. We have to do what we will be doing.

Kerr did not specify what would be done or who would be doing it. But apparently some people are mad:

I happen to know a lot of people who are really ticked off right now about the stuff being said. But what I was trying to say was they are going ahead with what they wanted, not what We the People need.

When you sit in an office and you’re duly-elected correctly and legally, you have a voice and you are in authority. Those who steal, who steal, hide, they are not in authority legally in any way – not in the spirit realm, not in the physical realm – they’re not in authority, so we shouldn’t pray for them. We should pray for them to be fully exposed, every lie be exposed, that is what God is saying.

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Pray they be exposed and taken down and those who rightfully won be put in the offices that they were elected by We the People, who have the say in this country. That’s what I’m saying. So guess what? Those who think they’re in power and want to be in power aren’t in in power and so that scripture clearly says, ‘Those who are in authority.’ Stolen authority is no authority.

None of that is true. Recall that it was Republicans who tried to overturn the election and it was Trump’s supporters who stormed the Capitol on January 6th.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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