Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Think Democrats Could Have Intentionally Infected Donald Trump With COVID-19

Chris McDonald hosts his own YouTube show, spreading far-right conspiracy theories. In a Thursday night midnight special, he addressed Donald Trump’s diagnosis with COVID-19, saying that it’s a bad time for the president to be quarantined, and that he “wouldn’t put it past” Democrats to have intentionally infected Trump in order to sway the election. DeAnna Lorraine, a former congressional candidate who now hosts on InfoWars, is spreading the same conspiracy.

Donald Trump fans make conspiracy theories about covid
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In a short clip archived by Right Wing Watch, McDonald explains his views, ending by dropping the term “assassination attempt.”

I’m telling you you mark my word, they’re going to try to cancel these next two debates, and the reason I know President Trump won the debate, despite
all this Tuesday night, is that the first thing out of the left’s mouth for Wednesday morning is ‘let’s cancel the two debates.’ Now think about this. They’re screaming don’t debate Wednesday. Two days later, your president comes up with COVID-19…it don’t seem right to me and I’m not — I don’t have any proof but it sure does, it just stinks.

In the full hour-and-a-half-long episode, he makes other references to the theory, answering people from the live comments, saying at one point that he would usually not suggest Democrats could do something as “wicked and evil” as deliberately spreading COVID-19, but “this bunch…I wouldn’t put it past them.”

Former congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine also floated theories that “the left” might have given Trump COVID-19, saying that he was fine until “they” set up a debate mic and podium for him. She suggested that somehow Joe Biden’s negative test reinforced the idea that something underhanded was going on, and asked why Republicans keep getting the virus and prominent Democrats don’t. (Some Democratic leaders have gotten the virus.)

She didn’t settle for a single conspiracy theory, though, going on instead to float the idea that “the Chinese” were attempting an assassination by virus.

Lorraine did not appear to consider whether the politicization of mask-wearing and social distancing could be a factor.

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