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Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Think 5G Makes COVID-19 Vaccines Explode

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Think 5G Makes COVID-19 Vaccines Explode

Right-wing radio host and conspiracy theorist Pete Santilli made several false declarations about COVID-19 vaccines to conservative mess DeAnna Lorraine this week including that a growing number of recipients regret getting inoculated due to the purported dangers of the shots. The insane conversation likely took place on Tuesday because Lorraine was wearing the same magenta outfit that she donned on The Stew Peters Show that afternoon when she baselessly accused the Clintons of murdering six United States Capitol Police officers.


“The people that are learning now more about the adverse impact of getting vaccinated. They’re having regrets about it because we’re heading about this ‘shedding’ that’s going on and…” Santilli proclaimed.

“Vaccine shedding,” Lorraine interrupted with a creepy grin bursting with misplaced confidence.

“The shedding,” Santilli affirmed.

COVID-19 vaccines do not shed (the virus, however, does). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains on its website:

Vaccine shedding is the term used to describe the release or discharge of any of the vaccine components in or outside of the body. Vaccine shedding can only occur when a vaccine contains a weakened version of the virus. None of the vaccines authorized for use in the U.S. contain a live virus. mRNA and viral vector vaccines are the two types of currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines available.

Santilli’s next point was even nuttier – and totally untrue.

“And also, the the the activation of the graphene oxide. It’s actually sitting there dormant. But if it gets energized by something like 5G and actually kills all the cells around it, that is so crazy to me. I mean, can you imagine if they just like activate and said, ‘oh alright a million people are gonna be pfft, gone,’ ya know? Just by energizing the graphene oxide,” he exclaimed.

It sounds crazy because it is. Politifact debunked this nonsense last month:

Pfizer says it does not use graphene oxide and no such ingredient is listed in any of the three COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the U.S.

A Pfizer spokesperson told PolitiFact that while graphene oxide — a material made by the oxidation of graphite — is used in some vaccines, it is not used at Pfizer.

Lorraine giddily began cheerleading again.

“Right and that’s the thing. People don’t really know exactly what’s in it,” she complained.

The ingredient lists for Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer, as well as the one provided by the CDC are available for everyone to review.

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Lorraine added that the president and his predecessor did not receive the “real” vaccine and that anyone who believes that they had is an idiot.

“You know those people – [President Joe] Biden, [former President Donald] Trump, any of these representatives – you know they’re not taking the real vaccine live on TV where they pretend that they do. You know that they’re not that stupid. They’re not doing that. They’re leaving us to do that,” she said.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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