Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Thinks Democrats Are Plotting to Make Barack Obama President Again

Former Vice President Joe Biden may be the Democratic Party’s nominee, but one right-wing conspiracy nut is convinced that the left is scheming to make Barack Obama president again.

On Monday’s Pass The Salt Live podcast, Dave Daubenmire said that Democrats are planning on denying President Donald Trump a second term by abusing the Presidential Succession Act and the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution.

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The 22nd Amendment states that a president cannot be elected to more than two terms or serve more than a total of ten years, and the Presidential Succession Act lays the framework for who would step in as acting president if the commander in chief is unable to fulfill his or her duties.

In the case of an election that ends in a tie or is contested so that no winner can be declared in the Electoral College, the House of Representatives gets to pick the next president. Each state’s delegation gets one vote.

Daubenmire thinks Democrats will exploit this to install Obama to serve for two years.

“Here’s the plan, folks: They’re gonna throw this country into chaos. The election coming up is not going to be decided on Election Day. They’ve gummed it up as much as they possibly can so that Trump won’t be declared the winner, Sleepy Joe won’t be declared the winner. All of a sudden we’re in January, and we don’t have any winner, what are we going to do? It goes to the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives can pick the president—they don’t call it a president, they will call it a presiding officer, whatever,” Daubenmire said.

“They can come together and pick anybody they want to serve for two years as this interim get-us-back-on-our-feet caretaker,” he added. “Well, who do you think that they’re going to appoint as this interim two-year president? Barack Obama. Now they’ve researched the 22nd Amendment. The 22nd Amendment says that no one can be elected to more than two terms. Also it says in the 22nd Amendment that you can’t serve more than 10 years. Now, Barack Obama would not be elected president for two years, he would be elected whatever name they would give him, but he would be serving in the role of president of the United States for two more years, and it’s constitutionally protected. That is their plan.”

Watch below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Why two years? Daubenmire does not say, and he should probably explain this, because there is no presidential election in 2022. Further, even if the election were to go to the House, Republicans hold a slim majority of state delegations (26/50) – not exactly the most Obama-friendly coalition.

If the House is somehow unable to pick a winner, the Speaker of the House, in this case Nancy Pelosi, would step into the presidency until the election can be sorted out, as provisioned in the Presidential Succession Act.

There are plenty of election doomsday scenarios that could play out in the coming weeks, the most likely of which is the Supreme Court deciding the outcome, just like in 2000. The addition of Justice Amy Coney Barrett and the recent wave of SCOTUS rulings to disenfranchise voters have upped the chances that Trump could successfully challenge his way into a second term.

But the idea that Congress will somehow band together to bring back Obama by some sort of bizarre decree? If only.

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