Right-Wing Commentators Threaten “Civil War” if Trump Loses

Josh Bernstein, one of the more radical right-wing commentators who have emerged during Donald Trump’s White House term, appeared on “The NutriMedical Report” Tuesday, where he and host “Dr.” Bill Deagle each repeatedly vowed to wage a “violent civil war” and “kill left-wing activists” if they “steal” the election from Trump. Bernstein has often insisted that any Joe Biden win will be due only to “massive voter fraud” and therefore illegitimate, but it seems like he and Deagle are fully prepared to engage in violence unless Trump is reelected.

“We have enemies within our country,” Bernstein says during the discussion. “These people hate this country, they hate our founding, they hate our principles….these are Nazis that we had to kill in foreign lands. They are now here. They have now been born here, bred here, generation after generation, they have gotten more and more radical. And unfortunately, we’re going to have to deal with them here physically in the street in this country.”

Josh Bernstein says Trump or death
[Screenshot via Josh Bernstein Show/YouTube]
At no point do either present evidence to verify their claims, which is on brand for Bernstein, who also encouraged Trump to “get the guillotines ready” for Robert Mueller and the others who brought about Trump’s eventual impeachment, and swore “Trump or Death” in a previous broadcast.

“These scumbags are here in this country,” he continued. “We now have the Nazi regime here in America, and they’re trying to kill us here, so we’re going to have to fight them, unfortunately, here in America. And that’s why there’s going to be another civil war. I don’t know when it’s going to happen. But it’s almost guaranteed certain going to happen.”

“There’s 23 million ex-military who are going to train young people,” Deagle responded. “So, we’re gonna have a massive internal army to take on [China] or the United Nations or anybody who thinks they’re gonna pull off this crap. If they think they’re gonna take our guns, like Charlton Heston said, ‘We’ll give you our guns back one bullet at a time.’”

Bernstein predicted that those living in “suburban areas and rural areas” will join forces and “converge into the urban cities” to wage war.

“We’re going to have the guns,” Bernstein said, “and we’re going to do what we have to do to protect this country. … They’re going to be ambushed. They won’t even know what’s happening. And trust me, people like me and many others behind the scenes will be coordinating things quietly in the background to make sure that it’s happening.”

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