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Right-Wing Commentator Declares Vaccine Mandate a ‘Precursor to the Mark of the Beast’

Right-Wing Commentator Declares Vaccine Mandate a ‘Precursor to the Mark of the Beast’

Right-wing propagandist Lauren Witzke appeared on The Stew Peters Show on Friday and proclaimed that COVID-19 vaccines are a “precursor to the Mark of the Beast” from the biblical Book of Revelation and that “they” are teeing up an even more sinister scheme to kill Christians.


“So if this isn’t the mark, what is?” host Stew Peters asked.

“Well, um, you know, in the Bible it says that, you know, we would know and would make the decision to take the Mark of the Beast intentionally. So that is why I do not believe that the actual vaccine – the COVID-19 vaccine – is the Mark of the Beast, however, everything that they have aligned – the mandates, the inability to travel, interstate travel, the inability to buy and sell, go to the grocery store – you know, we’re already seeing it in other countries and other continents like Australia,” Witzke replied.

People are still free to do all of those things.

“You know, this is all part of the Beasts’s system,” Witzke continued. “It’s a precursor to the Mark of the Beast that is coming next. You know, they said that there’s gonna be a ‘mass deception,’ you know, there’s gonna be one who rises up who claims, ‘I have the cure, I have everything. You know, you have to drop everything and follow me. But the only thing you have to do is take this Mark.'”

Recall that former President “I alone can fix it” Donald Trump muttered something similar to that after receiving monoclonal antibody treatment for his coronavirus infection in October of 2020, which he deemed a “blessing from God” while jazzed up on steroids. He also took credit for the rapid development and rollout of SARS-COV-2 inoculations prior to leaving office, after which he joined the chorus of conservatives who profit off of peddling misinformation.

“Don’t be afraid of it,” Trump said of the deadly virus, adding that he was feeling “better than 20 years ago.”

Nevertheless, Witzke then insisted that “they are setting it up. This is all a precursor to the Mark of the Beast. Now I’m not – I don’t believe that the current vaccine is. I think that this is a mass death-scale injection.”

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