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Right-Wing Bigot Rick Wiles Calls Pennsylvania’s Transgender Health Secretary ‘Mentally Ill’ and a ‘Freak’

Right-Wing Bigot Rick Wiles Calls Pennsylvania’s Transgender Health Secretary ‘Mentally Ill’ and a ‘Freak’

Right-wing pastor Rick Wiles, a virulent bigot and antisemite, urged residents of Pennsylvania to disobey the Keystone State’s Secretary of Health Doctor Rachel Levine’s statewide mask mandate, even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread unchecked.

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Levine, a professor of pediatrics and psychology at Pennsylvania State College of Medicine, is one of only a handful transgender elected officials in the United States.

Wiles lobbed every boilerplate insult he could think of at Levine during a Tuesday airing of his TruNews radio program.

“That’s a man in a dress. You’re mentally ill, Dr. Levine. You’re mentally ill, and no normal person should listen to you. You need mental health counseling. You need deliverance,” Wiles growled.

“To the people of Pennsylvania: you are absolutely insane if you let that transvestite freak rule your life,” Wiles continued. “What he just told you he’s going to do to you starting this week – November 20 – you’re going to obey that transvestite freak? Seriously?”

Wiles’s reference to Levine as “he” and “it” instead of “she” further demonstrates the depths of his depraved bigotry.

Wiles continued, instructing Pennsylvanians to “chase that freak out of the state. Chase it out of the state. Rise up in Pennsylvania, and chase that freak out of the state! You don’t have to tolerate this stuff.”

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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Wiles’ brazenly sanctimonious and un-Christ-like behavior was a dark addendum to his message on Monday. Wiles threatened to murder liberals and encouraged conservatives to “shoot and kill looters and rioters” who do not immediately pack their things and leave the state of Florida.

Sixty-two days until the iunauguration.

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