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Right-Wing Author Believes God Sent COVID-19 as Punishment for LGBTQ Acceptance

Right-Wing Author Believes God Sent COVID-19 as Punishment for LGBTQ Acceptance

Monsignor and End Times author William Koenig believes that God sent COVID-19 to punish the American people for their increasing tolerance and accepting attitudes toward LGBTQ individuals.

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Koenig – whom Pope Francis I installed as the Bishop of the Wilmington, Delaware Catholic Diocese in June – shared his bigoted opinion (which has no rational basis) with Jan Markell, the right-wing founder of Olive Tree Ministries, on her Understanding the Times radio show this past Sunday.

“The last letter in the LGBTQ is Q for ‘questioning,’ which is the mission to confuse kids enough that they question their sexualities so they can be groomed and evangelized. That is so true, Bill. This is a war on children and the Bible is very clear. If you’re going to go after the children, God’s gonna have the last word on that,” Markell declared.

“Oh, absolutely, Jan, and I really sense that COVID is part of the judgment,” Koenig said.

Okay, talk to me about that please,” replied Markell.

“Well, we had a national shutdown last summer. We had every major sports league that favored the LGBT agenda that even took on states for their bathroom bills. When you think about Hollywood was shut down. We thought fashion was shut down. Retail was shut down. All these areas that were so pro-LGBT, the COVID shut them down, and I don’t know if they’ll ever recover,” Koenig mused.

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“You are absolutely right,” he continued. “Don’t touch the children. This crosses the line. It is tragic to see what they’re doing, and our God is going to respond even greater. This is judgment. This is a pattern of judgment. Everything about this fits the pattern of judgment and I’m sorry, there’s no other way to put it.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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