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Right-Wing Activist Says Bill Gates Engineered COVID-19 Vaccines to Sterilize People and Depopulate the Earth

Right-Wing Activist Says Bill Gates Engineered COVID-19 Vaccines to Sterilize People and Depopulate the Earth

Right-wing religious activist and Liberty Counsel member Mat Staver claimed on a World Prayer Network live stream on Wednesday that COVID-19 vaccines were engineered by Microsoft founder Bill Gates “to prevent people from procreating” in order to depopulate the Earth. Staver also declared that the vaccine’s supposed sterilizing effects are contagious.

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“What is involved in this is depopulation, population control to reduce the population of the planet, and to control everyone, and to do it by force and to have a tracking mechanism to determine whether or not you’ve had one of these particular injections,” Staver said. “COVID is being used as a mechanism for a bigger global agenda,” said Stavers.

“When you speak about depopulation, say a little bit more about that. I know Bill Gates has spoken on this. Part of the question I’m asking is, are the people who are advocating depopulation – if it’s being caused potentially by the vaccine – did they themselves, they claim to have gotten this vaccination as well? How does that work?” asked evangelical preacher Jim Garlow, who, like Staver, has no scientific or medical training.

Stavers’s explanation was nothing short of a descent into a rabbit hole filled with tangents, unrelated subjects, and Adolf Hitler.

“Well, I don’t know whether Gates got it. I don’t recall seeing anybody injecting his arm and if he did, who knows what they were putting in it. But I haven’t seen anything to that effect. But Bill Gates is definitely a social Darwinianist, like Adolf Hitler, like Margaret Sanger, like JD Rockefeller, like the Carnegie Institute, like Ford, the maker of the Ford company, Henry Ford,” Stavers stated, adding that evolution is racist. “They were all Darwinianists, social Darwinianists. They believed in evolution, they believe that Blacks and people that were not white were not as evolved and that the whites were the more evolved ones – and only certain kinds of whites – and that was their ideology And Gates’s father was a former Planned Parenthood president, so Gates was raised in this, the eugenics, racist ideology. He is a eugenicist. He has done a Ted Talk – in 2010 – and the Ted Talk says that we need to reduce carbon emissions down to zero by no later than 2050 otherwise the planet will collapse and be destroyed. He has a four-part plan, and part number one is two parts of one, and that is reproductive health care which is i.e. abortion and vaccines.”

He continued.

“And you have to ask yourselves, well, if vaccines are supposed to make you more healthy, and you want to reduce population by 10 to 15 percent – which is going to be 700 million to a billion people on the planet, he wants to do that right away; about a billion people on the planet he wants to reduce and wipe off the planet now – you have to ask yourself how you’re going to do that. And if vaccines actually make you live longer, why would you then say people need vaccines?” Stavers posited. “Well, it’s because they know that when they inject them, they can put things in your body that ultimately affects your reproduction. And what we know now about a Japanese study with these COVID shots is, where do they accumulate? They don’t stay in your arm.”

Stavers incorrectly asserted that coronavirus vaccines – not the virus itself, which scientists have demonstrated – cause infertility in women.

“The vaccines go to certain concentrated places. One of those concentrated places that seems to be a little odd is for a vaccine to go to, and I use the word ‘vaccine,’ is the ovaries. It has very high concentration in the ovaries. What we’re seeing with women is missed menstrual cycles, two menstrual cycles a month, heavy bleeding, painful menstrual cycles. We’re even seeing that with people, by the way, who haven’t gotten the shot but have been in close proximity to those who have the shot,” he said. “Start asking women in your reaches – it may be a sensitive situation, but just ask them – have you experienced, after being in close contact with somebody who’s had the shot, have you experienced any rashes? Just ask them two questions: rashes or bleeding? And I can guarantee you, you will be surprised at how many women will come back and say, ‘Oh my, that’s why my monthly cycle is all messed up.’”

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Stavers also believes – citing no evidence – that men share that same risk.

“And so what it’s doing is it’s affecting the reproductive systems, and it goes to the testes as well, and it’s affecting both men and women in terms of their ability, or rather their inability, to later procreate,” he proclaimed. “So, one: It’s killing people. Two: it’s going to prevent people from procreating. So, I will guarantee you that in a few years, when somebody does a study, they’re going to say, ‘I wonder why the population reproduction rate has plummeted?’ And whether they’re going to connect it to this or not, I don’t know. But this is their insidious plan.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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