Right-Wing Activist Likens Controversial GOP Senate Candidate to King David

Former Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel has run two unsuccessful campaigns for the United States Senate and is likely poised to lose his third race next year. The young Republican has made a name for himself by embracing former President Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election and has even compared President Joe Biden’s hybrid COVID-19 mask/vaccine/testing mandates to the Holocaust. Just last week, Mandel touted a false parity between coronavirus vaccination volunteers and the Nazi Gestapo.

Screenshot/YouTube/Patriot Life with Candice Keller

On Saturday, however, right-wing activist Candice Keller declared at an event commemorating the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 that Mandel is a modern-day King David and that he has been chosen by God – as was Trump – to save the nation.

“Josh Mandel was the only state officeholder who ever supported the Ohio Heartbeat Bill at that time, and you better believe we certainly began to take notice of him then and he still was quite young. He feels very strongly about our Judeo-Christian values, and even when it could have hurt him politically, he stood up. He, I believe, is God’s man for the hour. I absolutely believe that. And ya know, when I look at him, he’s 43. When I look at him, I think that’s what David looked like – King David in the Bible – in my mind, I’m like, ‘That’s King David,'” Keller proclaimed at Cavalry Church in Hamilton, Ohio.

“And you know, just like David, I believe that he’s God’s man for the hour. Ya know God told Ezekiel, ‘I searched for one man so I would not have to judge a nation. I searched for one man,’ and Josh Mandel is going to go to the Senate. Just so you know, he’s going. He’s going. Now, when he gets there, I know he’s only going to be one of 100, but God said, ‘I searched for one man so I would not have to judge a nation.’ And just like Donald Trump, God is raising Josh Mandel up to be our Cyrus in Ohio,” Keller continued. “Ohio is the most significant state in the nation, in my opinion. God is going to place Josh in a strategic place, and I believe he’s in it and I’m honored to introduce you to the next Senator from Ohio, Josh Mandel.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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