Rick Wilson Slams Kristi Noem After She Admits to Killing Puppy

There are some very despicable people involved in today's GOP, and that goes all the way to the top. But Kristi Noem might have emerged as one of the worst. The South Dakota recently bragged about how she killed a 14-month-old dog she considered to be "less than worthless." 

Noem revealed the story in her new book. She noted that she shot the dog and buried it in a gravel pit because it wasn't a good hunting dog. She ended the tale by noting, "I hated that dog."

Condemnation for Noem has been swift, and former Republican Rick Wilson teed off on her over Twitter. He wrote, "Kristi Noem is trash. Decades with hunting- and bird-dogs, and the number I've killed because they were chicken-sharp or had too much prey drive is ZERO. Puppies need slow exposure to birds, and bird-scent. She killed a puppy because she was lazy at training bird dogs, not because it was a bad dog."

Wilson continued:

"Not every dog is for the field, but 99.9% of them are trainable or re-homeable. We have one now who was never going in the field, but I didn't kill her. She's sleeping on the couch. You down old dogs, hurt dogs, and sick dogs humanely, not by shooting them and tossing them in a gravel pit.  Unsporting and deliberately cruel...but she wrote this to prove the cruelty is the point."