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Rick Wilson Says Donald Trump in “Full Collapse” in Stinging Op-Ed

Rick Wilson Says Donald Trump in “Full Collapse” in Stinging Op-Ed

Donald Trump, with his refusal to concede the election and attempts to overturn the results has America in a bit of a scary safe. What makes the actions less terrifying, though, is the pathetic nature in which they’re being rolled out. From constant lawsuit losses to Rudy Giuliani’s Four Season’s press conference, the effort has been laughable.

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This point was hammered home by former GOP operative and Lincoln Project member Rick Wilson. In a recent op-ed for The Daily Beast, Wilson accused the president of being in “total collapse.”

The column was entitled, Trump’s Final Hissy Fit Is Petty, Illegal and Stupid. Wilson opens, “The Trump regime is in full and robust collapse. It’s not just his loss at the polls. He’s lost the magic. The mojo is shot. Gone is the impervious Trump of legend.”

The pundit continues:

“Now, desperation is delicious and spreading nearly as fast as the virus is among his inner circle. The dying twitches of the apparat built to support the whinging sociopath who stains the Oval Office, for now, have become more and more apparent. The unenviable job of telling the Maximum Leader that the game is over has fallen to his hapless son-in-law, who hardly cuts the figure of wartime consigliere. He’s more of a wartime hand model.”

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Wilson closed his commentary, ” He’ll declare victory even as he sinks beneath a wave of ballots in a dozen states. I will tell you once again: It won’t work. The transition will occur and Trump’s lackeys, ball-washers, and assorted minions will get sh*t-canned along with Trump himself.”

You can read the entire piece here

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