Rick Wilson: Obama Should Endorse Biden Prior to Super Tuesday

It would be an understatement to say that Barack Obama is popular with Democrats. Considering the polarization of the country, he is actually pretty popular with Republicans too. When he left office in 2017, Obama held a 57% approval rating among Americans.

Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

While he said that he will get involved in the 2020 election at some point, the 44th president has yet to do so. Rick Wilson thinks the time for Obama is now. The Republican strategist believes that Obama should endorse former Vice President Joe Biden prior to Super Tuesday.

Wilson explained why in a piece for The Daily Beast. ”He [Obama] almost certainly will resist this idea, but Obama should play a leadership role in a party bereft of leaders by endorsing Joe Biden before Super Tuesday,” the pundit wrote. “Tomorrow would be good.”

The political strategist even went back to his roots to provide Obama with a script. Wilson suggested, “This race is too important for me to sit on the sidelines. The only thing that matters this fall is that we take back the White House from Donald Trump and retake the Senate, and the only man who can beat him is my friend Joe.“

You can read Wilson’s entire column here




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