Rick Wilson Mocks Trump Mob: “They’re Not Very Good at Revolution”

The violence seen at the Capitol yesterday had been coming for weeks. Donald Trump urged his supporters to come to Washington DC for a wild time weeks ago. Then, on Wednesday morning, Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump Jr. whipped the mob into a frenzy.

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company

And while it is shocking how easily the insurrectionists were able to get into the building, there was no real plan what to do when they got their. In a Thursday column Rick Wilson mocked the mob for being bad at revolutions.

The Republican strategist wrote for the Daily Beast, “I should be past shock, but even I was appalled by not only the order to march on the Capitol spitting from his blubbery lips but by the organized teams of rioters who then invaded the House and Senate.”

Wilson continued:

“Once the Trump forces were in the building, the damage was done. Deaths, injuries, and chaos followed, with the seat of our national legislative branch reduced to just another set in Trump’s destructive reality television show. Driven by a combination of conspiracy fantasies, Trump berserkergang, and hatred of the two parties, the MAGA mob played the role we’ve seen in a hundred coups and collapses in the Third World: the invading rebels seizing the airfield, the radio station, the Palace of Justice, the Capitol building.”

The column closed, “They are shock troops from America’s Saddam. Organized in a thousand Facebook groups and with a million bad ideas transmitted to their brains from Fox, OAN, Newsmax, and QAnon, we’re fortunate as a nation in only one respect—they’re not very good at revolution.”

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