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Rick Wilson Mocks Trump for Saying COVID “Will Just Go Away”

Rick Wilson Mocks Trump for Saying COVID “Will Just Go Away”

COVID-19 was starting to be contained in the United States in mid-May. Those days have passed, though, and the virus is back in a big way. Thursday saw a new high in recorded cases with more than 55,000 new cases being reported.

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company

As it’s been from the start, Donald Trump does not seem to be taking the pandemic seriously enough. Yesterday, he once again claimed that the virus will disappear. Former Republican strategist and frequent Trump agitator Rick Wilson blasted him for these remarks and mockingly compared him to Franklin Roosevelt.

Wilson has been regularly slamming Trump through videos made by his group, The Lincoln Project. He continued the attack during an appearance on Chris Hayes’ MSNBC show.

He told Hayes, “When Covid appeared in the radar screen in the late fall of 2019, he chose to do nothing. He chose to deceive the country about the severity of it. He chose to delay taking action to either protect American lives or the economy, and now he is paying the price for it.”

The pundit continued, “Donald Trump every day continues to believe things like ‘It’s just going to disappear. What if Roosevelt had said ‘The Japanese may have bombed Pearl Harbor, but they’ll just go away tomorrow. Don’t worry about it.’ This is not the way a president leads. It’s not the way a president behaves. What we’re seeing here is this magical thinking, this reality bubble around him.”

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