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Rick Wiles Launches Totally Not Gay App for White Men to Connect With Other White Men

Rick Wiles Launches Totally Not Gay App for White Men to Connect With Other White Men

Right-wing bigot Rick Wiles is launching a social media platform exclusively for disenchanted white men who feel that society is being unfair to them.


Wiles revealed on Thursday’s TruNews broadcast that the digital space is designed to “minister to young men, to disciple them, and to give young men a place to congregate where they feel safe, because especially here in America, a lot of young men feel like they’re under attack, and they are under attack.”

Wiles claimed that “the culture warriors in this country are breaking down traditions, morals, family structure. They’ve been doing this for decades and they are aiming their guns at young men. They want to feminize them. They want to demonize them. They want to criminalize them. They want to, you know, depress them, so that they will not act like the men that God created them to be.”

Translation: Wiles’s flock of medieval-minded males feels victimized by social progress and instead of adapting and growing they would rather stew in their own miserable, outdated beliefs.

But wait, it gets even crazier. Wiles envisions a cyber wonderland where white men are free to swap – whatever – and be as racist as they want without any repercussions.

“Where do young men turn to be affirmed in their identity as a male – a straight male living for Christ in a Pagan world – where do they go right now?” Wiles asked his panel of stooges. “It’s a place for other Christian men to congregate with other Christian men and communicate with each other, fellowship, encourage each other, share insights, problems, get advice in a friendly environment where there’s nobody attacking them. There’s nobody coming in there calling them a white racist.”

Sounds like all the blank Grindr profiles at CPAC.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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