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Rick Wiles Gloated About Right Wing Watch’s YouTube Suspension Right Before It Was Reversed

Rick Wiles Gloated About Right Wing Watch’s YouTube Suspension Right Before It Was Reversed

Right-wing pastor Rick Wiles celebrated YouTube’s short-lived suspension of Right Wing Watch’s account on his Monday TruNews broadcast, proclaiming that divine forces were pulling the strings behind the scenes for his own benefit.

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YouTube is one of many platforms through which Right Wing Watch shares its content. It reinstated the organization’s account after massive public backlash.

That, however, occurred after Wiles took to the airwaves to revel in unjustified unnecessary and censorship.

First, recommended that Right Wing Watch’s team “save” themselves by submitting to his perverted brand of Christianity and coming to work for him:

I suspect that there will be layoffs very soon inside the organization because there’s no platform for them to spew their lies and propaganda. So their writers, their editors, all the people that they had working to smear us and other ministries, what are they gonna do? I suspect they’re gonna lose their jobs this week. Ya know, if they get saved, and come to Jesus Christ and feel the Holy Spirit, we’re hiring. But they gotta be saved. They have to love Jesus Christ. They have to want to see the gospel expanded. I don’t want to see them out of work.

Wiles then proceeded to boast that he personally did not ask God to destroy Right Wing Watch:

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But I’ll tell you, the first thing that came to my mind today – you know, the Bible tells us not to gloat over the demise of our enemies, but Romans 12:19 sums it up very well: ‘Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” And this is a prime example in real-time where we didn’t fight back against Right Wing Watch. I did what the Lord said to do – bless them – I mean, I never prayed for God to burn their building down. Lord, bless them, bless my enemies. I didn’t fight. I didn’t hire lawyers. I didn’t sue. I turned it over to the Lord and said, ‘you deal with my enemies in the way you see fit. He shut down Right Wing Watch today.

Let me make this very clear today: Jesus Christ shut down Right Wing Watch. Not YouTube. Jesus Christ shut down Right Wing Watch today. This is an example of God working through unsaved people at YouTube to carry out his vengeance against those who attack and smear his servants. So I didn’t have to lift a finger against Right Wing Watch. I think they’ll disappear in the coming weeks and months. There’s no purpose for them now.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch on YouTube:

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