Rick Wiles Can’t Wait For Black Lives Matter Activists To Be Hunted And Shot: “Thank God, Get The Job Done”

Pastor Rick Wiles appeared on Tru News to declare that soon, Black Lives Matter activists, along with Antifa, will be hunted down and shot by special forces — and to this he said, “Thank God it’s finally gonna happen. Get the job done.”

Rick WIles says thank God BLM will be hunted down
[Screenshot via Tru News]

Rick Wiles is one of the many who Right Wing Watch keeps an eye on to keep the public abreast of their comments, threats, and behaviors. Wiles included the members of this project in his warning too, listing “Right Wing Watch commies” as one of three groups of people who the U.S. government will soon — in his opinion, and to his great appreciation — hunt down and kill.

The transcript below is lightly edited for clarity.

They’re gonna be deployed domestically. Antifa and other communist groups are going to be declared domestic terrorists, financed by foreign powers, and they’re gonna be hunted down and shot by Special Forces. All I can say is, thank God. Its finally gonna happen. Get the job done. Get the job done.

I think Special Forces are gonna go into action, and there’s a lot of guys that are not active duty right now, who are gonna be called up to join the fight, and all these little Antifa commies, and Black Lives Matter commies, and Right Wing Watch commies, and all these little commies are gonna be hunted down by Special Forces and shot and killed.

It’s not the first time Rick Wiles has called for violence against protestors and those he sees as political opposition. In July, he called for Trump to put 2 billion bullets to use against protestors, , and he’s also declared that after the election, “cowboys, mountain men, and veterans” would hunt down Donald Trump’s political enemies.

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