Rick Scott Breaks With Trumpers; Says Joe Biden Is President, Won Fair & Square

A significant portion of the Republican Party is openly declaring that they are the Party of Trump. At CPAC, many still spout conspiracy theories suggesting that Joe Biden didn’t win the election and is not the PResident of the United States. However, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) — who has supported Trump and questioned the election outcome previously — now says that he recognizes Joe Biden not only as President, but as having won “fair and square.”

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Check out the clip below, in which Senator Scott, on Fox News, is asked about the election outcome. He not only affirms that Joe Biden is the legal president, but that he won a fair election.

In fact, only days ago, Scott announced he had joined GOP colleagues in proposing legislation that addresses a number of complaints that Republicans had about the 2020 election, including absentee ballots. The legislation would forbid a proxy to deliver an absentee ballot on another person’s behalf, and test citizenship before allowing a vote.

The proposed bill also focuses in on the election conspiracy theories, including the false claims that poll workers stopped counting partway through and that Donald Trump’s poll watchers were denied access.

However, the Miami Herald reported last month that Scottt and other legislators who supported Donald Trump’s lies about his election loss could face serious repercussions, as major donors announced that they would no longer be supporting candidates who stood with seditionists after the attack on the U.S. Capitol building while the electoral college votes were being certified.

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