Rick Gates is Telling Mueller About Trump Campaign’s Use of an Israeli Firm Alleged to Have Manipulate Social Media

Yesterday afternoon, Robert Mueller’s investigative team requested that Rick Gates’ sentencing be delayed for the second time. The FBI still has more questions for Gates concerning the Trump campaign’s conversations with foreign governments.

James Ledbetter

While the focus of the investigation has mostly been on Russia, Mueller’s team is also interested in hearing about Trump’s relationship with Israel. Today, the Daily Beast released an exclusive story pertaining to conversations with The Psy Group.

Like Russian troll-farms, the Psy Group has been accused of using social media campaigns to attack the opponents of their clients. The firm is run by Joel Zamel, an Australian who now operates out of Israel.

The New York Times reports that Gates had asked Republican Consultant, George Birnbaum about the firm shortly after being hired by Trump. Birnbaum claimed, “Mr. Gates expressed interest during that meeting in using social media influence and manipulation as a campaign tool, most immediately to try to sway Republican delegates toward Mr. Trump.” Birnbaum then acted as an intermediary between Gates and The
Psy Group.

The Daily Beast reports that it is unknown if Zamel and his firm ever carried out any operation for Trump. In an effort to find an answer, Mueller and his team are pressing Gates about his interactions with the company.

Gates has become a key witness for Mueller and his team. Gates worked with Trump up until Paul Manafort was arrested. Unlike Manafort, who Mueller has chided for being deceptive, Gates has cooperated fully with the investigation.



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