Richmond School Changes Name From Confederate General To Barack Obama Elementary School

A school in Richmond, Virginia has decided to change its name from J.E.B. Stuart Elementary to Barack Obama Elementary School. The shift arrives after officials decided to no longer celebrate a former Confederate General.

Photo Credit: Barack Obama Presidential Library

When the school decided to change its name officials turned to members of the community. According to CNN, various named were submitted for the school, which is comprised of 95% African-American students.

Seven choices were offered and that list was dwindled down to Barack Obama, Northside, and Wishtree.

This isn’t the first time a southern located school has dropped its confederate namesake. Last year, Jefferson Davis school in Mississippi changed its name to Barack Obama Elementary School.

If that’s not enough to anger Trump’s MAGA base, on Monday, a school in Tulsa, Oklahoma agreed to vote on a new name to replace Robert E, Lee.¬†CNN¬†notes that the vote on the name change has been delayed. A new name will be chosen in August.

There are more than 100 public schools named after Confederate leaders according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Many of those names are being considered for a change after White Supremacists started to rally to save their beloved statues and other memories from the Confederate military.

With the alt-right supporting President Trump, we doubt this is the last we’ll hear about confederate named schools decided to let go of their racist past.

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