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Retired GOP Senator To Former Colleagues: ‘Why Are You There?’

Retired GOP Senator To Former Colleagues: ‘Why Are You There?’

Republicans in Congress seem to have just one goal: to protect Donald Trump at all costs, no matter how egregious his actions may be.

They are obviously deeply afraid of winding up on the wrong side of a Trump tweet, or, worse, a primary challenge from a more Trumpian candidate who will excite the president’s cult-like base.

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Well, it seems that one of their former colleagues, former Republican Senator from Maine William Cohen, has had just about enough of their sycophancy.

Cohen took a turn on CNN’s airwaves, and absolutely annihilated the lack of courage being shown by the people he once considered his comrades in the United States Senate. He told CNN’s Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto:

“Some of it has to do with external pressures, that of social media, talk radio, specific channels that have a particular view and then hammer that view home to the constituents who then pressure the members of Congress. But you have to ask yourself: Why are you a senator? Why are you there? Are you acting out of sheer fear that if you speak up and take a position that’s controversial you’ll be punished?”

“If that’s the reason you’re in the Senate, to simply be safe and to play it safe, then you really … you really are undercutting what the role of that Senate should be. You’re losing respect. 20 percent of the American people have respect for the Senate, and that number is going down. It’s going down because people are not doing their job. As you point out, Poppy, in any private sector if you were not doing your job, you’d be out.”

Of course, what the GOP-controlled Senate is doing would never fly in the private sector. They are literally refusing to uphold their oaths of office and do their jobs.

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It is up to us as voters to do them one better and vote them out. However, they will lie, accept help from foreign powers, cheat, steal, and do everything they can to protect themselves and Trump. It’s like we don’t even have a real republic anymore.

Watch the exchange below:


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