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Restaurateur Blames LGBTQ Community, Liberals, On Why He Lost Investors, Demands Apology

Restaurateur Blames LGBTQ Community, Liberals, On Why He Lost Investors, Demands Apology

Paul Dunn, the co-owner of a yet-to-be-opened restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas, believes that his establishment is losing investors due to unfair depictions of him being a bigot toward the LGBTQ community and people of color.

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As a result, Dunn last week demanded an apology from that community, and liberals in general, and made an ambiguous threat against them if it didn’t come about by next month.

“It was very wrong, very wrong for the LGBT community and the liberal community to attack me and my business and violate our constitutional right to free enterprise just because they don’t either agree with a political view or with these values,” Dunn said, per reporting from 5NewsOnline.

There is no provision in the Constitution protecting an individual’s right to free enterprise, although a person’s free speech rights — including complaints from community members about establishments in their areas — are protected under most circumstances.

The co-owner of the restaurant said investments into it, which have reached $140,000, stopped when investors began hearing about people in the community saying bad things about him.

Dunn, who has also worked in the Branson, Missouri, area as a manager of venues, demanded an apology. “If the LGBT community and the liberal community do not apologize by August 13th, I’ll see them on the dark side of the moon,” he said.

Dunn wouldn’t elaborate on what he meant by “the dark side of the moon.”

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The co-owner of the restaurant, which was set to be called “The New American,” stood outside last Monday at the site where it’s meant to be opened at, willing to discuss the issue with anyone who passed by. He believes his support for President Donald Trump and his vision for America is where people got the idea that he has bigoted viewpoints.

Indeed, a Facebook profile page purporting to be Dunn’s, which includes a profile image of The New American restaurant, included several posts over the past several months promoting Trump’s current tenure in office — and some disturbing content as well, including posts against Democratic politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton, among many others. One shared post on the profile compares Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to dog excrement.

Elaine Jackson, a resident who spoke with 5NewsOnline, voiced her thoughts about Dunn’s antics last week.

“I think the fact that the owner was demanding an apology from the liberal and the LBGTQ communities today for why his business did not open says it all as to why I don’t think this is what Fayetteville needs,” she said.

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