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Resistbot Is The Tool That Makes Political Activism As Easy As Internet Slacktivism

Resistbot Is The Tool That Makes Political Activism As Easy As Internet Slacktivism

Image Credit Resistbot via Instagram

Getting involved in political activism is hard, especially if it’s not a natural area of interest for you. Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to care about nursing babies being ripped from their mothers’ arms and toddlers being put in cells than it is to actually do something to stop it. This is why, over a year after Resistbot’s introduction, I still can’t stop telling people about it.

If you can write a Facebook post saying that families should be kept together or tweet that discrimination isn’t acceptable or reblog a meme about school shootings, you can write your representatives and tell them what you think. It’s actually just as easy. You can even use Twitter or Facebook to do it, and it doesn’t matter if you’re not sure who represents you.

Start by texting the word “resist” to 50409. Don’t have text messaging? No problem. Send a message via the Resistbot Facebook page or direct message the Twitter account. Just say “resist.”

The first time you do it, you’ll get back a series of messages asking for your name and location. Resistbot will then reply and tell you who your representatives are.

Resistbot tells me who my North Carolina Representatives are for political activism
Screenshot via Resistbot

If you’re not sure what to write, you can even get some ideas from Resistbot’s Open Letter Twitter account, where some users give permission to post their letters, with address and surname redacted.

A few of the latest messages focus on the current horror of families being separated in detention facilities at the border and can be seen below as examples. You don’t have to share your own message, but Resistbot will offer you the opportunity.

If you think you’ve crafted a particularly beautiful statement, you can also text “letter2editor” and Resistbot will send your most recent missive to a local paper to be considered for printing.

Perhaps not all of us can spend the time and stamps to write out a physical letter, look up an address, and send it off to a representative, with no assurance they will actually read it, but anyone who has the time to type three sentences on social media can use Resistbot.

What’s more, representatives are receiving and reading these missives. I’ve personally received both a letter and a phone call in response from my Senators. (I won’t pretend they shifted their positions, but they at least heard.)

I see people on social media all the time asking what they can do to change things. Our government can seem far away, unreachable, and complicated. Resistbot is the easiest answer to that question and the absolute simplest means of political activism available today.

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