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Republicans Will Declare Pandemic Over After Retaking Congress, Declares Rep. Greene

Republicans Will Declare Pandemic Over After Retaking Congress, Declares Rep. Greene

Once again, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is comparing COVID-19 protections to the Holocaust, and calling for every protective measure to be abandoned. This time, she’s also making a promise on behalf of her party after midterm elections.

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Ina Gab post, Greene, who can no longer promote her pandemic denial propaganda on her personal Twitter account since it was deleted for health disinformation, attached an image of a German health pass, and declared Democrats to be “like the Nazis” because they’ve pushed for rules requiring proof of vaccination for certain workers and businesses.

This time, though, she didn’t draw the line at the antisemitic comparison of pandemic precautions to the Holocaust, and a call for all mask and vaccine regulations to cease, though.

[Screenshot via Gab/Marjorie Taylor Greene]

Instead, Greene declared an intention that, if Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections in November, the pandemic must officially be declared over.

“Day 1 when Republicans take back the House, we must declare the Covid pandemic OVER. No more masks and vaccine mandates…Many Americans have been fired from their jobs for not complying with Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandates, and Healthcare workers are still being fired because the Supreme Court failed and did not include them in their ruling on OSHA and vaccine mandates being unconstitutional. Many of America’s school children are being wrongly masked everyday at school. It is wrong to mask children and must end. This past year the Democrat’s obsession with vaccine cards proved they are like the Nazi’s who forced people to carry “health pass.” It must end!”

Currently more than 60% of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and according to NPR, lead infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says that we’ve passed the point where the virus could ever be fully eliminated, but instead it will likely eventually become endemic, with a less-lethal strain becoming the dominant one. When that happens, experts hope that the virus will be mild enough to no longer interfere with day-to-day activities and normal life.

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Of course, the question of when that will happen remains — but at this point, the CDC is still reporting high numbers of weekly deaths, and currently predicting that this will continue rising for at least the next few weeks.

An official declaration of the end of the pandemic might change health regulations and enforcement, but won’t convince the virus of anything. Greene makes it very clear that her official ‘end’ of the pandemic would be less about any information from health experts, and much more about political aspirations.

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