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Why Republicans Are Ready To Abandon Matt Gaetz

Why Republicans Are Ready To Abandon Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz is facing some public scrutiny after allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to cross state lines. However, instead of rushing to his defense, House colleagues began to share other information about his reputation and behavior. Now, they’re ready to drop him if there’s an indictment. What makes them so ready to give up on Gaetz?

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According to MSNBC‘s Kyle Griffin, if an indictment comes down for Matt Gaetz, Republicans are ready to demand that he resign.

In fact, after Gaetz came forward to claim he was being extorted and was, in fact, totally innocent, other information began to surface from his colleagues, such as that the Florida Republican had shared, on the House floor, nude photos of women he’d had sexual relationships with, and that he even invented a game in which the score was based on sexual conquests.

In fact, Raw Story reports, the game, which challenged participants to pursue sex with certain female legislators or lobbyists, was a competition between Gaetz and other legislators, when he was a member of the Florida House of Representatives.

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However, there’s something that hasn’t been made public: the names of other participants in Gaetz’s ‘game.’ It’s described as an ‘open secret’ with participants boasting publicly, and even abstainers jumping into the spirit of the game with jokes and commentary. However, no other names have been named — and nobody has said whether Gaetz took this and other games to Congress with him, or how willing his U.S. House colleagues were to share in viewing photos that Gaetz’s dates didn’t consent to others seeing.

The more that Gaetz has denied and fought the allegations, the more the public has learned from insiders. A deep enough dive into his activities could result in even more information being uncovered — such as the names of colleagues who participated in his ‘games’ and nonconsensual photo-sharing.

As for the rest of Gaetz’ colleagues, Yahoo News reports that they had been waiting for a scandal to hit him, even to the extent that at least one Republican made a point of not standing near him during interviews, and that their overall response, including spilling the dirt on him, supports Gaetz’ own assertion that he has few friends in D.C.

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