Republicans Privately Admit Trump’s Riot Incitement Is Indefensible — But They’ll Defend It Anyway

Articles of impeachment have been sent to the Senate and the pressure is on for members to vote the right way on Donald Trump’s conviction after the January 6th attack on the Capitol. The problem is that they’re admitting the ‘right way’ to vote depends on whether they’re thinking morally or politically.

Donald Trump is indefensible
[Photo by Pete Marovich – Pool/Getty Images]

According to KTLA, Republican senators are facing threats personally, and there are concerns about another concerted attack on the Capitol as the trial approaches. National Guard members will remain stationed at the Capitol throughout Trump’s trial in order to be prepared in case of another attack.

Republicans in the Senate know that their Trump-supporting constituents are demanding an acquittal, and that a vote for conviction could be a political career-ender. However, they’re again having to choose between party and country, career and morals.

Politico reports that in private, these same senators admit that defending Trump’s role in the attempted insurrection is also the wrong answer. In fact, moral views aside, there’s also the concern that this choice, too, could alienate a significant portion of the voter base, as more voters express their disappointment with the former president.

Even some of the conspiracy base is splitting — the Washington Post is reporting that Q-Anon followers are divided between those who still think that some great and secret plan is underway and they should trust Trump to carry it out, and those who feel that their presidential candidate abandoned them when he left the White House and allowed President Joe Biden’s inauguration to go forward.

The end result? Politically, the impeachment trial is a gamble for Republicans no matter which way they vote — so some are refocusing on avoiding a vote altogether, instead arguing that a trial for an ex-president is unconstitutional, and debating an effort to dismiss the impeachment altogether without a trial.

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