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Republicans Have A List Of Trump Scandals Likely To Be Probed If Dems Take The House

Republicans Have A List Of Trump Scandals Likely To Be Probed If Dems Take The House

Republicans in Congress are refusing to address a growing list of the Trump Administration’s scandals and they know Democrats are going after the President over these serious issues if they flip the House in November 2018.

The team at Axios were granted access to a spreadsheet that lists some of Donald Trump’s most direct scandals as major concerns for the Republican party.

Here’s the list of major GOP concerns via Axios:

  • President Trump’s tax returns
  • Trump family businesses — and whether they comply with the Constitution’s emoluments clause, including the Chinese trademark grant to the Trump Organization
  • Trump’s dealings with Russia, including the president’s preparation for his meeting with Vladimir Putin
  • The payment to Stephanie Clifford — a.k.a. Stormy Daniels
  • James Comey’s firing
  • Trump’s firing of U.S. attorneys
  • Trump’s proposed transgender ban for the military
  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s business dealings
  • White House staff’s personal email use
  • Cabinet secretary travel, office expenses, and other misused perks
  • Discussion of classified information at Mar-a-Lago
  • Jared Kushner’s ethics law compliance
  • Dismissal of members of the EPA board of scientific counselors
  • The travel ban
  • Family separation policy
  • Hurricane response in Puerto Rico
  • Election security and hacking attempts
  • White House security clearances

What’s potentially most jarring about the obtained list is the inaction of the Republican Party. Despite grave concerns over these investigations, only several outspoken critics of President Trump from the Republican Party have demanded further investigation into some of the action items listed above.

The list includes several policies that would typically be investigated immediately by a functioning Congress. Among the most obvious calls to action would be U.S. Election security and hacking attempts, and the President’s Hurricane response in Puerto Rico.

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One item that sticks out is the use of personal email accounts by White House staffers. Trump’s 2016 political campaign was based largely around Hillary Clinton’s non-Government approved email use. The GOP has long demanded a criminal conviction for Clinton because of her personal email preferences while serving as the U.S. Secretary of State.

If Democrats take the House in November 2018, Trump could spend much of his re-election campaign in a legal defense mode which likely won’t be good for his efforts to take the White House for another four years.

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