Republicans In North Carolina Are Rushing To Pass A Voter Suppression Law Before Dems Have Power

Republicans in North Carolina are frantically preparing to pass a new law that will require all voters to show photo identification before they are allowed to vote in elections. Lawmakers are hoping to pass the bill before Democrats gain veto power in January.

Photo Credit: Man Vyi

Lawmakers in North Carolina have twice attempted to pass state legislation regarding voter ID laws. During each attempt their laws were blocked, leaving GOP lawmakers to scramble for a different solution.

North Carolina’s General Assembly will return to work on Tuesday and will have three weeks to launch the plan. The plan is supported by voters statewide who approved a constitutional amendment requiring photo identification to vote in person.

Reports suggest that the Voter ID law is a top priority for the state’s GOP leaders who will work quickly to amend the state’s constitution.

As the bill stands, the type of ID’s that will be accepted are prohibitive. Among those allowed according to WFAE are “a U.S. passport; a military ID and veteran ID; tribal IDs; other forms of photo ID issued by the North Carolina Department of Transportation; and a voter ID card issued by each county’s board of elections office.”

The bills earlier drafts didn’t allow for student IDs but that was changed when Republican State Rep. David Lewis offered a version of the bill that would include student IDs from the University of North Carolina system. Lewis also said he would consider IDs from private schools and community colleges, although he was not firm in that consideration.

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