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Republicans ‘Don’t have 50’ ‘Yes’ Votes on Kavanaugh According to Senior Source

Republicans ‘Don’t have 50’ ‘Yes’ Votes on Kavanaugh According to Senior Source

The drama surrounding the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process has many people in America losing sleep at night, and a comment made by a senior source involved in the confirmation process appears to have taken the drama-level up yet another notch or two.

While Republicans plan to hold a final vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, likely this weekend, following the FBI’s report, many within the media have seemingly leaned toward Kavanaugh being confirmed. The assumption that many are making is that between Senator Collins, Murkowski and Flake, at least two of them will vote ‘yes’.

Things aren’t so cut and dry, however, as the situation seems to change on a minute-by-minute basis.

“We’re going into this vote and we don’t have 50 right now,” a senior source close to the process confirmed to Axios late last night. “There’s been a lot of work that was done today, by members wading through this material. I don’t want to put my thumb on the scale. Things keep moving — so much, it feels like we’re walking on quicksand. So I don’t even want to say confidence or not confidence,” the source continued.

All it will take is two Republicans and all Democrats voting “no” on confirmation to tank Kavanaugh, and force the President to nominate a new candidate for the nation’s highest court.

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While it is possible that West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin will vote ‘yes,’ that will likely only be the case if he is not the deciding vote.  If two of the three Republicans vote ‘no,’ Manchin would almost certainly vote ‘no’ with them.  If, on the other hand, only one Republican votes ‘no’ it’s very possible that Manchin could vote ‘yes’.

The entire situation is incredibly fluid and things appear to change as each new story related to Judge Kavanaugh breaks.

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