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Republicans Are Desperately Trying To Make Sure Trump Doesn’t Fire Jeff Sessions

Republicans Are Desperately Trying To Make Sure Trump Doesn’t Fire Jeff Sessions

Republicans are growing increasingly worried that President Donald Trump is going to fire Jeff Sessions ahead of the 2018 mid-term elections, a move that could leave the Republican Party facing backlash as they enter election season.

Republican leaders in the House and Senate have both publicly and privately decried the plan according to a report from CNN.

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Sources close to the President say he has been talking privately about his decision for months. That revelation doesn’t really come as a surprise as Trump has regularly tweeted about his anger over Sessions recusing himself over the Russia investigation.

Further, CNN reports that Trump has become frustrated that Sessions, a hardline immigration supporter, hasn’t been able to push through the President’s policies. Trump also believes Sessions isn’t investigating the “deep state” that Trump says is hampering his Presidency.

In a more petty example of Trump’s attitude towards the people who work for him, the report suggests Trump doesn’t like Sessions because of his “personality, temperament, and diminutive stature.”

Politico further reports that Trump has told aides that Sessions “talks like he has marbles in his mouth.”

Trump could be feeling pressure to recuse Sessions after Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of the conservative Liberty University and one of the most outspoken evangelical Christians in America said this week that Sessions has lost the support of the evangelical community.

SplinterNews reports on the situation surrounding Sessions’ break from the group:

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“Falwell said he has urged the president to fire Sessions and told POLITICO he planned to bring up the subject again Monday evening at a small gathering with Trump and the first lady. Later, Falwell and dozens of other faith leaders were to attend a formal White House dinner celebrating the evangelical community.”

Sessions is also in the precarious situation of fracturing his own base of political supporters. Just this week Mitch McConnell said he has “total confidence in the Attorney General” while Lindsey Graham said the damage done to the Trump-Sessions relationship may be well beyond repair.

Graham appeared after his first comments to switch into the role of damage control: “I hope I’m wrong. But we’re not going to get a new attorney general unless they’re highly qualified and will let Mueller do his job. That’s sort of the deal.”

If Jeff Sessions is fired ahead of the mid-term elections it will likely hurt the GOP which means Trump’s tantrums against his own Attorney General are likely to continue for at least two more months.

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