Republicans Can’t Stop Lying About Who Will Get Stimulus Checks — Here’s The Truth

Who will benefit from the American Rescue Act? If you’re listening to the GOP, you might mistakenly think that illegal immigrants and mass murderers will be rolling in piles of cash by the end of the month.

[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

As the COVID-19 relief bill edges slowly towards President Joe Biden’s desk for a signature, Republican legislators can’t stop lying, misleading, and misrepresenting where the funds will go. Not all lies are direct — for instance, Ted Cruz misled voters into thinking that undocumented immigrants, in the country illegally, would be included, by proposing an amendment to the bill. In the clip below from the Senate debate, Cruz lays out this lie, and Senator Dick Durbin quickly follows up to affirm that the amendment is unnecessary, since the bill already doesn’t send checks to undocumented immigrants.

The Washington Post addresses another misleading statement from the GOP. Tom Cotton has been tweeting to declare that mass murderer and other prisoners will be receiving stimulus checks.

On the surface, this one is at least partially true. A judge blocked the IRS from withholding payments to convicted prisoners. However, there are still eligibility requirements. Checks may also be garnished for debts, including child support and restitution costs. Ultimately, the Washington Post points out in the link above, those who receive a payment on a prepaid debit card or by direct deposit may find it essentially useless during their incarceration.

However, in families where one parent is locked up, this may merely mean that the money that would have helped care for the children through the pandemic is still available to do exactly that.

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